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Preschool Teachers, do you ever get in a rut with your music lesson planning?

Parents, do you ever wish you knew more ways to enjoy music with your kids at home?

Jump in to the Preschool Music Treasure Box.

This resource was designed for anyone who spends time with children ages 0-5 and understands the importance of music during the earliest years of their lives.


I'm sure you know that feeling of scouring the internet looking for the best songs and activities to bring to your preschool music class. There's so much out there and it can be really difficult to find the best resources that will help your students fall in love with music.

I've combined my passions for early childhood music and organizing to bring you a one-stop shop for preschool lesson plans. Each month a new set of thematic material is released. Simply browse the suggested material for songs, stories and activities that will suit your own situation. Supplement with your own favorites or other ideas and piece together simple lesson plans each month. The Treasure Box is designed for you to pick and choose exactly what you want and to leave the rest behind. It's simple, flexible and organized.


I've heard you say before, "I wish I could take my child to a music class, but there isn't one in my area" or, "It doesn't fit in our schedule". It's a bummer that a music class doesn't work out, but the Preschool Music Treasure Box has everything you need to create your own fun, at-home music experiences for your kids each month.

Even if you have little or no music background, there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy music with your kids without turning on annoying YouTube videos or singing the same few songs over and over.

Spend 10-15 minutes each month gathering ideas from the Preschool Music Treasure Box, then sprinkle in some music time in your normal routine with your kids. Here's what you'll get:

  • Suggested songs to add to your playlist (that you'll love to!) These songs are great for dancing, movement, relaxing and learning.
  • Super simple songs that you can sing with your kids. You can learn these songs in a matter of minutes and your sing-along repertoire will explode with new options.
  • A list of stories that complement the theme and work nicely with the suggested music.
  • Specific music skills and concepts that you can teach your kids. If you don't feel like you're qualified, don't worry! These are simple enough that you can learn right along with them.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy music at home with your kids. The Treasure Box is full of printable sheets, videos and links that will show you right what to do.

Your Instructor

Megan Desmarais
Megan Desmarais

Hello! I'm Megan Desmarais and I'm a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. I maintain a busy piano studio in Tulsa, OK that includes students of all ages, 0 and up. Teaching preschoolers to love music is one of the highlights of my week. I've seen firsthand how beneficial it has been for my own children to be exposed to structured music time starting at birth. As a piano teacher, my studio is bursting with students who have been learning music their whole lives. They thrive in piano lessons because learning music is already second-nature to them. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, I'd love to help you nurture the littlest musicians.

Follow along with my piano studio on Pianissimo, A Very Piano Blog ( and on Facebook at Teach Preschool Music.

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